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CompReport Russian Language Homepage

Compact Report on computer's worthwhile properties
version 1.2.3 for Windows

Download CompReport.zip (254 K).

A list of properties being displayed in the only window of the program, and immediately copied to the system clipboard:

  • Computer name;
  • Enclosure type, its manufacturer, version and serial number;
  • Baseboard manufacturer, version and serial number;
  • CPU socket designation and maximum processor upgrade speed;
  • Number of associated memory slots and maximum memory module size;
  • Maximum capacity of physical memory array and its error correction capability;
  • Number of CPUs, their manufacturer, model, type, nominal speed, current speed, core count and number of cores enabled, thread count and installed caches size;
  • Device locator of each memory module, its capacity, speed, data bus width, manufacturer, part number and serial number;
  • Video adapter manufacturer, type, memory size, maximum resolution of current display;
  • Each system expansion slot locator, type, data bus width and current usage;
  • Each disk size, type, buffer size and serial number;
  • Battery data;
  • BIOS manufacturer, version and date;
  • Operating system manufacturer, name, version, edition, build and date of installation or a landmark upgrade.