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The tool to save one file from Internet
version 1.0 for Windows

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Effective as a part of a command batch file triggered by system scheduler

Command line parameters:

InfoTask <URL> <FileName> [ /proxy:<address:port> | /noproxy ] [ /date | /time | /datetime ]

<URL> - Internet address of a file to be saved. If no protocol mentioned, ''http://'' is default.

<FileName> - target file name (with no path).
 If the file name includes spaces it should be quoted.

/proxy:<address:port> - address and port of proxy different from system settings;
/noproxy - not to use system appointed proxy.

/date - appends current date to target file name;
/time - appends current time to target file name;
/datetime - appends current time and date to target file name.

You can see help window when parameters lack.

infotask weather.gif
infotask "Jokes of .htm" /date
infotask /proxy:

When failed, it creates or appends the InfoTaskLog.txt