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MEMORyAL Russian Language Homepage

Monitoring & Control of System Memory and Speed Resources
version 4.5d.2 for Windows

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5 stars: I can't recommend this product highly enough!!!
This program works great!!!

Outstanding Software

Unleash Your RAM
Release the full potential
of your system's memory with MEMORyAL

Summary of Features:

  1. Monitoring of free and total RAM;
  2. Release of selected amount of RAM;
  3. Release of ceiling amount of RAM;
  4. Monitoring of free and total virtual memory;
  5. Monitoring of free and total disk(s) capacity;
  6. Call of Disk Cleanup, Checkup and Defragmentation Wizards;
  7. Detailed computer info;
  8. Monitoring of CPU(s) utilization degree;
  9. CPU stress tolerance checkup;
  10. Monitoring of regular application accessible system speed (in megaflops);
  11. Monitoring of memory write and read speed;
  12. Monitoring of disk(s) write and read speed;
  13. Testing memory area integrity checkup;
  14. Memory modules checkup;
  15. Disks file system checkup;
  16. Files readability checkup on diskettes, flash-disks, CDs, DVDs...
  17. Autostart option;
  18. Topmost program window option;
  19. English/Russian user interface;
  20. Display of Free RAM & System Speed info on System Taskbar;
  21. Zero Free RAM alarm from System Taskbar.